Testing AWS Lambda And SQS Locally With Node.js

I suppose both of your Lambda function and SQS messages are ready, and AWS Lambda and SQS in localstack are up and running. We need the SQS queue URL and you can find all of the URLs by running this command:

$ aws --endpoint-url=http://localhost:4576 sqs list-queues

If you haven't create any SQS queue yet, create one using the following command:

$ aws --endpoint-url=http://localhost:4576 sqs create-queue --queue-name test-sqs

Now create a directory and open it in a terminal window. We need to initialize this directory by running npm init -y. We need two npm packages to test our SQS and Lambda function locally: lambda-local and sqs-consumer. Install these packages by running the following command:

$ npm i -S lambda-local sqs-consumer

Create a file named index.js and paste the following code in it. You have to change the configuration according to your settings.

const lambdaLocal = require('lambda-local');
const { Consumer } = require('sqs-consumer');

const app = Consumer.create({
  queueUrl: 'http://localhost:4576/queue/test-sqs',
  handleMessage: async (message) => {
    const body = JSON.parse(message.Body);

    const jsonPayload = {
      Records: [
          body: message.Body,
          messageAttributes: {
            messageType: {
              stringValue: message.MessageAttributes.messageType.StringValue,

        event: jsonPayload,
        lambdaPath: './my-lambda-function/index.js', //your lambda function path
        timeoutMs: 3000,
        envfile: './my-lambda-function/.env', //your lambda function env
      .then(function (done) {
      .catch(function (err) {
  messageAttributeNames: ['All'],

app.on('error', (err) => {

app.on('processing_error', (err) => {


Finally, add a start script in your package.json and run npm start to start the SQS consumer. If you trigger your SQS send message call now, you will see that your lambda function has been executed. You can check a complete setup in this git repo.

Please let me know if you faced any problem or not. Thanks for reading this short tutorial.